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And Seen…Country Strong!

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Here it is, everything you need to know about Country Strong.


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  1. Thanks for saving me the cost of a babysitter and two hours.
    xo, Country Whit

  2. Kathy Lofrano

    I was very entertained and informed. That was a great debut! Both very funny. I especially liked how you rated it by watching if you were too hung over to reach the remote. Laughing out Loud – I am so old school, I spell the whole thing out. Ryan – a cryptic man. More from him later. Keep the intrigue going.
    Looking forwad to your next review.

  3. This is a great review for me. Elizabeth loves country music and all things associated with it. Perhaps by getting her to watch this blideo, I can avoid the pain and suffering associated with anything country.

    Do we get to make suggestions of movies we’re not sure of, so you can watch them for us? If so, please start watching all movies produced by the Sy-Fy channel. I have had a lot of trouble getting through those, even if they had actual plots.

    I think your idea is fantastic and I am sure it will be copied by many less creative people in your industry.

    Keep up the excellent work!



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