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Sorry for the delay in our latest review but our director, Ryan, is at his annual Meet Joe Black convention. It’s kind of like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive, the way they rent out the convention center every year and hope Brad Pitt shows. Seems like an awfully big space for only 3 guys and an Anthony Hopkins cardboard cutout, but that’s just our feelings.

In the meantime, we thought we would run through our thoughts on a couple previews we’ve seen for upcoming movies…

Super 8.

We would have planned on seeing this even if American Idol didn’t cram it down our throats. JJ Abrams, check. Dreamy coach from Friday Night Lights, check. Younger Fanning, check. Fun vintage feel with a super secret monster, check. The only down side is both of us are super wimpy and can’t watch any type of thrillers in the evening, so we will have to see it in the daytime. Don’t judge us.

Bad Teacher.
Our money is on her ending up with Jason Segel. Little known fact, one of us followed Jason Segel into the men’s room on accident years ago. That situation was probably less awkward than this movie will be. CammieD is always a good time, though we’re not sure we can get behind JT as an intellectual somewhat nerdy teacher. Good thing he karaoke’s, are we right? This movie seems like an updated Summer School, but that was a fantastic cinema experience so we’re all in.

Monte Carlo.
What, you haven’t heard of this Selena Gomez mega-star making vehicle? Then it’s a good thing you’re reading this. This prince and the pauper storyline never gets old. NEVER. They can do this a million times (Disney pretty much has) and it is always entertaining. Plus, you can really see Selena’s acting range here…she goes from happy teen to sad teen to lesson learned teen.

Selena plus two Gossip Girl alumni equals one zany trip to Monte Carlo. Crazy antics ensue when Selena’s character, Grace, impersonates a British heiress – things like her wearing cowboy boots with a ball gown. Good thing there is a giant lobster! This movie goes to show you rich people always have more fun. We dare you not to get Selena’s song “Who Says” stuck in your head – na na na na na na nah! We’ll probably see this twice.

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  1. Good reviews. Sorry I couldn’t see you this week, but at least I have a list I can
    use to check out the new movies.
    Super 8 – and Scream!
    No – I can’t do it – nightmares.


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