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It’s very rare, but now and again we see movies without each other. Don’t worry, it’s not something we plan on making a habit of.  The good news is it helped us create mini-reviews!

This looks exactly like us when we got separated on the subway

Contagion by Traci Stumpf

Warning:  if you’re a hypochondriac don’t see this.  If you like the idea of the common cold being spread across the world by a simple hand shake, killing millions and only attractive people have the cure, this is the movie for you! Contagion is by far the most realistic disease movie since 1996’s Jack with Robin Williams.

This film touches on all the basics as a good outbreak movie should:                    1. Cheating on your significant other will get you killed by a rare and incurable disease.  2. If you have made it past 40, and age as well as Matt Damon, you will be immune to anything that will harm you.  3. If you have even a slight hint of a cough call in sick today (tell them And Seen told you to) you could be saving the population single handedly! This really is a great movie to watch if you never plan on leaving the states and have lots of canned food, water, guns, ammo, gold, and cash on hand.  I say go see it and bring Julie with you.

The title is fun to say, and it sounds like you might be talking about vitamins or something scientific so you sound smart

PJ20 by Julie Lofrano

This is the documentary of Pearl Jam and their twenty years together directed by Cameron Crowe. Crowe and Pearl Jam are a dynamic duo – unlike Crowe and Cruise (as in Tom, though Penelope was not much help either). I’m a sucker for Eddie Vedder, his cheekbones and the bands angst-y music.  I miss the days when I would scream out about people not understanding me and crank up my angry music in defiance.  I’m referring to last week at work.

This movie promised to “open the vault” so  I was expecting all this juicy insider information, whereas by the end it felt a little more like Lost where they had just created new unanswered questions.  Why is the mug that Stone pulls out of his cabinet so dirty, doesn’t he have enough money for a dishwasher?  Who is that baby around Mike McCready’s feet for one weird minute of the film – did they not know it was there when they were filming?  When did Jeff Ament become so attractive? Did we not notice him due to his unfortunate hat choices? (FYI he’s still making them. I may stage an intervention with him and Julia Robert’s character in Eat Pray Love).  But true to form this documentary is all about the music (which is basically Pearl Jam’s mantra).

Mostly, this movie just makes you want to see the band live, and if that’s something you’ve never done then get on it before they are old and it gets weird.  Eddie is already starting to look a little puffy.


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