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And Seen…Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!  Tis the season for scary movies, but since we can’t really handle the horror genre we thought we’d share with you some of the slightly scary movies we are able to watch for Halloween.  Here’s a list of our top seven (ooh spooky number):

7. Once Bitten  – Jim Carrey in one of his earlier roles as a teenage virgin who becomes the target of vampire Lauren Hutton who needs virgin blood to stay young.  Reminding all young girls that they should put out, otherwise their boyfriends might be at risk of being turned into a vampire.  The budget special effects alone are worth the watch.   Plus in the age-old girlfriend vs. vampire dilema, they settle “who is gonna get the guy ” with a good old-fashioned dance-off.  Be forewarned the music is annoyingly catchy.


6. Ghost Whisperer – Okay so this is technically not a movie, but it’s almost always played as mini marathon on WE, so it always feels like a movie.   JLoHew is such a treat in this series.  You’ll spend a lot of time while watching it wondering if she realizes she’s wearing inner-wear as outter-wear, another chunk of time trying to figure out what magical closet she has that seems to hold her endless supply of nightgowns, and at least five minutes per episode curious about her false eyelashes.  The good news is this leaves very little time to be scared.


5. Beetlejuice – Remember back in the day when Noni Ryder seemed like such a bright young star and this movie was the start of something amazing…cut to now, and not so much.  Can we discuss her hair in Black Swan?  Talk about things that are horrifying.  But as far as Beetlejuice goes, there is nothing not fantastic about this movie.  Sandworms!  Day-O!  Dead Football Players!
4. Ghost – Let’s be honest, now that Patrick Swayze is technically a ghost this movie is all the more poignant.  What would you do if he tried to contact you from the beyond?  Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.  No, you can’t ask him to do the Dirty Dancing lift.  He’s dead.  You will fall.  Yes, you can act out scenes from Roadhouse. Anyway,  this movie is scary at moments, but it’s more uncomfortable (does that pottery scene give everyone the heebie-jeebies?). But just when things get too freaky in this movie Whoopi swoops in.  Thank goodness for Whoopi. 
3. Teen Witch – Louise just wants to be the most popular girl.  Who can’t relate to that?  This classic story stars Blake Lively’s older (why-don’t-I-get-to-date-Ryan-Reynolds?) sister as a teenager who discovers she’s a witch.  What?  The plot just gets better from there.  The scariest thing about this movie would probably be some of the fashion choices.

Don't be fooled by my awkward hat, I'm about to get all hardcore rap on you. Top That!

2. Ghostbusters – This is one of the greatest movies. Period.  The best thing about October is they play it non-stop.  One of the most quotable movies of all time (leave your favorite quote in the comments, we dare you) it’s just not Halloween without this movie or its catchy song.

1. Justin Bieber Never Say Never – by far the scariest movie of the last decade. Made even more frightening when they offered it in 3D.   Neither of us have been able to make it though the whole thing.  We’re scared we might contract The Biebs which is what we call the syndrome when people think it’s ok to listen to his creepy songs.  It’s bad enough that he makes our ears bleed but now we have to watch his rise to fame as well?  THE HORROR!


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