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And Seen…Footloose!

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This week we watched the remake of the 1984 classic Footloose and explore: why originals are better, best friends, how important dance is and discover a new catch phrase. Get ready to cut loose…


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  1. What? No playing chicken with tractors??? A bus? That was the most heart palpitating moment from the original. I seriously hope there were at least accompanying soaring Bonnie Tyler melodies….I am holding out for a hero. Doesn’t sound like there is one in this version.

    • No tractors but they do add some hip-hop. Does that help? I think it is always wise to hold out for a hero, at least until the end of the night. However, you are correct you will not find one here, you also will not find sweet synthesized drum beats.

  2. This was SO funny! You guys made me spit up my coffee 🙂

  3. I think Ryan should have his own show. He’s a really good reviewer.

  4. That dance scene with your feet at the beginning is hilarious. I wish I had a screensaver of that.

    • We can make that happen for you.. Just enter to win the And Seen Footloose challenge.. Submit your best dance move and the winner gets a screensaver.. Hurry there due in an hour.


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