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We thought it might be helpful to introduce you to the Cullen family:

Carlisle (Papa Cullen)

Just your regular doctor vampire, but I still like to relax with a cup of warm blood and wear a pullover on Sundays.

Carlisle is the founder and patriarch of the Cullen family.  He is married to:

Esme (Mama Cullen) 

Hello. I'm the most underdeveloped character in the Twilight series. I mostly smile or look worried.

They have “adopted” (code for turned into vampires) some kids:


I'm the strongest of the Cullen's. In the body. Emotionally, I'm whipped by Rosalie.

Emmett is in relations with: 

I'm supposed to be the prettiest of the Cullen's but with this bad dye job I think we can all agree I was miscast.

She is “sisters” with:
Vamp superpower – can see the future

My wispy pixie hair tells you that I'm a ton of fun and we're going to be best girlfriends!

Alice is in relations with the newest member of the Cullen clan:
Vamp Superpower – manipulate people’s emotions

I can control moods, which is why I look constipated. I swear, I'm not crapping in my pants. OK, maybe a little.

They are all fortunate enough to be siblings with:
Vamp superpower – read’s minds

I dare you to try and resist me. I'm a teenage vampire James Dean. The popped collar let's you know I mean business.


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  1. Thanks for the rundown. Now I won’t have to read the books or see the movies.
    Nice to know who are the “Blood” Cullens.

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