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And Seen: Small Screen…Liz and Dick!

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This movie wasn’t great, but at least it taught us a few important things: the 60’s were a great time for adultery, if your husband/lover is going to leave you just threaten suicide and he will stay, Lindsay Lohan desperately needs a throat lozenge as evidenced by her wheezy laugh/cry. Here is what we thought of the movie:

Liz and Dick
Starring: Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler
Director: Lloyd Kramer
Network: Lifetime


We Want to Know:
Was it the intention of the costume/hair department to foreshadow Elizabeth’s future hairstyle with this fuzzy hat?


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  1. I can’t type – I am laughing too hard! I love your list! Makes me think of so many
    possible careers moves I hadn’t considered. Something to ponder for my retirement years.


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