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And Seen…Warm Bodies!

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This is what we learned from Warm Bodies. 1) We can totally watch a zombie movie if it’s a love story and not scary 2) Nicholas Hoult has grown into a fine young actor, he should teach a class to other child actors 3) DO NOT trust Ryan if he turns into a zombie, save yourselves!

Warm Bodies
Starring:  Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and John Malkovich
Director: Jonathan Levine







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  1. Fun review. Nice look in your Valentine/Zombie hoodies!
    Don’t let Ryan become a zombie. He is a good human.

  2. Despite your great review. I will wait until it hits home to check it out. If I want a light hearted zombie romance, I’ll stick with Shaun of The Dead. I need my zombies to be zombies, not develop powers by eating brains.

    • They don’t develop powers from eating brains, just feelings. Unless feelings are powers for you. But,you’re right, if you want gore and suspense in your zombie movie this won’t give you that. It really is a romcom wrapped in the popular zombie genre.


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