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Hello! Thanks for visiting!  We hope you’re having fun.  Can we get you anything?

Who are we?
Traci Stumpf and Julie Lofrano, two LA based stand-up comics who love movies.

What do we do?
Video movie reviews once a week, right here!  Movies are so expensive, we let you know which ones are worth your money.  If we don’t think a film is worth your hard earned cash we will let you know a product we think is.

How did this start?
It’s a truly wonderful story. One we’re hoping they make into a Lifetime movie.  If Joan and Melissa Rivers taught us anything it’s that you shouldn’t play yourselves in your own movie. Which is why, when the time comes, Ryan will play us in And Seen: The Movie (with Parent Trap style special effects).

The idea for And Seen started when we were “on tour” in San Diego and went to see Shutter Island.  It was supposed to be a thriller but we spent most of the film laughing.  It was the moment we realized how much we both liked movies, and each other. We cemented our newly formed friendship when we went to see Inception (a.k.a. Shutter Island 2).  Some might even say it’s DiCap (as in Leo) that brought us together.

What are some things you love?
We’re so glad you asked! RomCom’s, dressing up as characters from movies, photo collages, YouTube comments and each other.  It’s at this point we think we should point out our relationship is purely professional, though some of our photos may seem otherwise.  What can we say, we commit to our art.

Photo Collage

Behind the And Seen’s
Ryan Calavano – Director, Editor and Gentleman.

Let’s hang out on the interwebs!
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  1. Nice BLOG!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    MY BLOG :

  2. I plan to just bypass “Rotten Tomatoes” in favor of you two Tomatoes, thanks for the laughs

  3. Y’all have such a fun blog! Hilarious and really original 🙂


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