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And Seen…The Purge Giveaway!

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A contest! We will be giving away a free Purge t-shirt and mask to one of you! The Purge opens in theaters tomorrow and stars Ethan Hawke (did we all read his Reddit AMA and fall in love with him all over again?).  To win a Purge Pack first take this:

ThePurge Blog App


Purge Would you Survive the Night Quiz




Then let us know in the comments section: if crime was legal for 12 hours which crime would you commit?  We’ll pick our favorite, least creepy,  answer and you’ll win this:

Purge pack


Get comments in By June 14th so we can select a winner!


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  1. I would rob a bank, but I would want to do it via Bill Murray in Quick Change and wear a big clown suit.

  2. In California it is illegal to shoot a rabbit from a moving vehicle. Despite personal lobbying and let’s call it, ‘sleeping with local congressmen’ I have yet to overturn this grave social injustice. If the parameters set out in Ethan Hawke’s summer thriller ‘The Purge’ were in fact put in to place I would choose to fire upon a wrack of lepus californicus, a.k.a. the North American Jackrabbit from the deck of an imported Lithuania Hoverbarge.


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