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And Seen Small Screen…Hostages!

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It’s that special time of year when we get to guess how long new shows will remain on the air.  We’re here to help you figure out which shows you shouldn’t get attached to. Some shows we will watch all season others might not be as lucky.

First off, the new CBS thriller Hostages.  Or as we like to call it Homeland Light.


Rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle and his band of bad-ass agents hold Dr. Ellen Sanders and her family hostage.  They give Ellen a fun choice: kill the President (who she happens to be operating on) or they will kill her family.  Kidnappers can be so demanding. And so it begins…

What we Liked:

Well hello cowboy - Dylan/Duncan is introduced to us in a dramatic slow motion turn.

Well hello cowboy

Duncan is played by handsome Dylan McDermott (he might look a bit like a camel, but that is one dreamy camel).  We learn everything we need to know about Duncan when they introduce him in a slow, dramatic turn.  He’s a man who makes his own rules and will decide on the pace of his turns.



Super cute right?

Super cute right?

New bangs are always a struggle to style

New bangs are always a struggle to style, such realism

Ellen is played by the ridiculously talented Toni Collette. Not her most amazing performance (thus far) but she’s keeping pace with her TV husband, Tate Donovan, who’s also a little lackluster.  We really like Toni with bangs.  Even if she’s not making strong acting choices she’s killing it with her hair choices.



What we didn’t like:

She looks as upset by her nickname as we are

She looks as upset by her nickname as we are

Overall, the acting on this show is surprisingly awful.  Especially the kids.  Speaking of kids, Duncan has a daughter named Sawyer.  Her mom/his wife is in the hospital undergoing chemo. As if this poor girl doesn’t have enough tragedy in her life her nickname is Soy Soy.  She sounds like a condiment.





Trying to come up with ways to avoid having to kill the President, Ellen takes a pair of scissors and attempts to cut her pinky finger (off?!). She ends up just slicing her finger, but was the plan to amputate it so she didn’t have to to operate? That seems like a crazy move and one she wouldn’t be able to explain to the kidnappers without them offing a family member. We didn’t include a picture because it was gross.

Keep Watching?

We are committing to this one for the season.  We hope it gets better.  It’s billed more like a mini-series so we feel at the very least it will be a short relationship.


Ellen’s family ends up being not as perfect as they seem.  Her son is involved in some drug dealing (we can’t wait to meet the head dealer Nico). Her teenage daughter is pregnant, by some dude whose acting would be bad even if this was on the CW.  Her husband is cheating on her (obvi how else can we set up sexual tension between her and Duncan).  At the end of the episode she does not kill the President, she tells the media  – thus telling Duncan – that she doesn’t give up that easily.  Oh it’s about to get crazy up in here!

Watch Info:

Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. on CBS – that’s right, tonight! We’ll recap tonight’s episode shortly.


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