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And Seen…X-Men Days of Future Past!

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X-Men Days of Future Past


We came out of our mini retirement for X-Men Days of Future Past. And then Traci went to Bali. Since we couldn’t get into the studio here is our conversation about the movie…



TRACI: You know it’s a legit screening when they take your phones.
JULIE: That really cut into my plans of making a Fassbender photo collage. I think Magneto is his sexiest character.
TRACI: More than Shame?
JULIE: You know the answer. Though just like in Shame did you notice him wearing a scarf/ascot?
TRACI: It was the 70’s, plus he really works that look.
JULIE: True. But here’s a twist I didn’t see coming, I also found James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) to be attractive in this. But I think it might have been because he looked like Eddie Vedder.
TRACI: I just thought that look was sad seventies. What I found surprising was the 3-D didn’t really bother me, and I usually hate it.
JULIE: Same, I kind of felt like we were in the movie.
TRACI: That might have been because we were sitting so close.
JULIE: What did you think of the movie overall? This was your second X-Men.
TRACI: Like the last one I thought it was entertaining and you don’t really have to be a fan of the series to enjoy it.
JULIE: But if you are a fan and read the comic books (Ryan) you will still enjoy the characters. Plus all the inside jokes, they always allow you to nerd out a little. They did take some liberties with the time travel though.
TRACI:I guess in a movie about mutants you can be loose with those kinds of things. Let’s talk about Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) neck size. How is he that old and that ripped?
JULIE: Maybe he’s a real life wolverine? His veins looked like they were trying to escape his body.
TRACI: They made that comment about him not aging, but when he looked into his “younger” bodies self there seemed to be a lot more wrinkles.
JULIE: Do you think they felt boxed in with Mystique? Because you get the original (old? current?) version of a lot of the characters, but since Jennifer Lawrence has blown up do they really want to remind us of Rebecca Romain (no longer Stamos)?
TRACI: They did in the last one. But Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t really on the scene then. Maybe it’s a lesson to not cast models in movies just because they look good in the body paint outfit.
JULIE: JLaw wasn’t as exciting to me as she was in the first one, but I don’t know why. Do we know her too well, do I expect too much, is she now only my Katniss and not my Mystique?
TRACI: I really liked that kid from American Horror Story’s character, and that slow motion scene with all the cops.
JULIE: You know I love a scene when the audience all claps. I was kind of bummed there wasn’t more Quicksilver in the movie. He’s a really fun character.
TRACI: Do you think Evan Peters wishes he had that superpower in real life?
JULIE: So he could run away when his girlfriend tries to attack him?
TRACI: Yep. I’m not really sure about Peter Dinklage (Dr. Trask) in this. I just didn’t buy him as the bad guy.
JULIE: It was hard to focus on anything other than his hair.
TRACI: It was so puffy.
[Names removed to prevent spoilers]
JULIE: That scene when BLANK is killed and thrown over the balcony, I had no feelings about it.  It felt odd that I’ve gone from being super excited the first time I saw that character on the screen to kind of eh.
TRACI: I don’t have that kind of relationship with the characters, but I was kind of sad about it. It almost felt like a comment on their career in general. Did you like the last one more than this one?
JULIE: In ways, there was more fun and surprises in the first one as they revealed the characters. But it was also so long and political.
TRACI: Yeah this one was easier to follow. It felt more engaging.
JULIE: Would you see it in the theater?
TRACI:Absolutely. You?
JULIE: In the theater and in 3-D even!

If you want to see our thoughts on X-Men First Class you can watch our review from way back in the day before we went to green screen.


And Seen…Captain Phillips – Guest Review!

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Unfortunately, we will not be seeing Captain Phillips together… or at all (Traci is seeing it with her dad and Julie has boycotted pirate themed movies since Pirates of the Caribbean 2). So we enlisted the help of hilarious and awesome screenwriter Katie Anne Naylon to review Captain Phillips for us.

Have you seen Captain Phillips?


What was your favorite part of the movie?

I liked the conversations between Captain Phillips and Muse, the leader of the Somali pirates on board. They did such a great job of making you empathize with all the characters in the story.

What was your least favorite part of the movie?

I thought the opening sequence with the “Captain Phillips has a real family back home” felt vaguely unnecessary and forced.

If you could change one thing in the movie what would it be?

Would I also be changing history if I said I wanted to change Somalia to be a nice safe place for young boys to become young men (and a place for ships to sail past without fear)???

There was a weird sub-plot with a neighboring ship trying to help and then the Navy Seals trying to help and them sort of stepping over each other…they should have finished that plot or not included it, I suppose.

Did you cry? Good cry or bad cry?

I almost cried. Does that count? It would have been a good cry. I was really engaged by the story.

Rate this Tom Hanks performance:

  1. Absolute favorite
  2. Top 5
  3. Top 10
  4. Better than Larry Crowne worse than Castaway

How many times did you think of Castaway while watching this?

  1. 1-3
  2. 3-5
  3. 5-10
  4. 10+
  5. Wait, this wasn’t Castaway?

Which co-star would you like to see Tom Hanks reunited with?

  1. Meg Ryan
  2. Elizabeth Perkins
  3. Daryl Hannah
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Shelly Long
  6. Robin Wright
  7. Peter Scolari
  8. None of the above
  9. All of the above – let’s take a minute and imagine that movie

What is your feeling on pirates after seeing this movie?

  1. Love ’em
  2. Hate ’em
  3. They’re just misunderstood
  4. A complicated mix of emotions I couldn’t possibly express in a multiple choice box

How would you rate this movie?

  1. See it in the theater
  2. Rent it
  3. Plane movie
  4. Watch it when it comes on cable
  5. Never ever see this movie

Why should people trust your opinion?

Katie Naylon


I’m a screenwriter, filmmaker and producer. A veteran of Sundance 2012. If you haven’t seen my passion piece, check out For A Good Time, Call….and if you don’t laugh once, I will pay you $3 in quarters.

Watch the trailer to Captain Phillips here 

And Seen…Prisoners!

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Remember when we used to do movie reviews?  We know it’s been awhile, but we’re back!  Bringing you our thoughts on the dark thriller Prisoners.

Starring: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal
Director: Denis Villeneuve






And Seen…Pain and Gain!

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We got so excited about Gatsby we forgot about our review of Pain and Gain. But here it is, directly from the And Seen archives. Potentially just in time for renting it since it was in and out of theaters pretty quickly.

Pain and Gain
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie
Director: Michael Bay












Julie - Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - Lolita

Julie – Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

Traci - Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Flax

Traci – Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Flax


*Click on product image for more info. All products are our own opinions.

And Seen…The Great Gatsby!

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, old sport! If you’re looking for something to see this weekend only one of us recommends Gatsby the other thinks you should stick with barbeques and shopping. But we are a united front when it comes to Leonardo DiCaprio and headbands.

The Great Gatsby
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan
Director: Baz Lurmahnn














And Seen…Ryan’s Studio Takeover!

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While the gals were away Ryan decided to play. He created his own movie review compilation. His critiques might be short but they are extremely deep an intuitive.

And Seen…Best Horror Blog Presentation Lammy’s 2013

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Another year another Lammy presentation! This year we were even nominated for best vlog.  (Spoiler: we didn’t win).  If only there was an award for presenting awards. Head over to The Lamb to see all the nominees and winners. Congratulations to all!