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And Seen…X-Men Days of Future Past!

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X-Men Days of Future Past


We came out of our mini retirement for X-Men Days of Future Past. And then Traci went to Bali. Since we couldn’t get into the studio here is our conversation about the movie…



TRACI: You know it’s a legit screening when they take your phones.
JULIE: That really cut into my plans of making a Fassbender photo collage. I think Magneto is his sexiest character.
TRACI: More than Shame?
JULIE: You know the answer. Though just like in Shame did you notice him wearing a scarf/ascot?
TRACI: It was the 70’s, plus he really works that look.
JULIE: True. But here’s a twist I didn’t see coming, I also found James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) to be attractive in this. But I think it might have been because he looked like Eddie Vedder.
TRACI: I just thought that look was sad seventies. What I found surprising was the 3-D didn’t really bother me, and I usually hate it.
JULIE: Same, I kind of felt like we were in the movie.
TRACI: That might have been because we were sitting so close.
JULIE: What did you think of the movie overall? This was your second X-Men.
TRACI: Like the last one I thought it was entertaining and you don’t really have to be a fan of the series to enjoy it.
JULIE: But if you are a fan and read the comic books (Ryan) you will still enjoy the characters. Plus all the inside jokes, they always allow you to nerd out a little. They did take some liberties with the time travel though.
TRACI:I guess in a movie about mutants you can be loose with those kinds of things. Let’s talk about Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) neck size. How is he that old and that ripped?
JULIE: Maybe he’s a real life wolverine? His veins looked like they were trying to escape his body.
TRACI: They made that comment about him not aging, but when he looked into his “younger” bodies self there seemed to be a lot more wrinkles.
JULIE: Do you think they felt boxed in with Mystique? Because you get the original (old? current?) version of a lot of the characters, but since Jennifer Lawrence has blown up do they really want to remind us of Rebecca Romain (no longer Stamos)?
TRACI: They did in the last one. But Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t really on the scene then. Maybe it’s a lesson to not cast models in movies just because they look good in the body paint outfit.
JULIE: JLaw wasn’t as exciting to me as she was in the first one, but I don’t know why. Do we know her too well, do I expect too much, is she now only my Katniss and not my Mystique?
TRACI: I really liked that kid from American Horror Story’s character, and that slow motion scene with all the cops.
JULIE: You know I love a scene when the audience all claps. I was kind of bummed there wasn’t more Quicksilver in the movie. He’s a really fun character.
TRACI: Do you think Evan Peters wishes he had that superpower in real life?
JULIE: So he could run away when his girlfriend tries to attack him?
TRACI: Yep. I’m not really sure about Peter Dinklage (Dr. Trask) in this. I just didn’t buy him as the bad guy.
JULIE: It was hard to focus on anything other than his hair.
TRACI: It was so puffy.
[Names removed to prevent spoilers]
JULIE: That scene when BLANK is killed and thrown over the balcony, I had no feelings about it.  It felt odd that I’ve gone from being super excited the first time I saw that character on the screen to kind of eh.
TRACI: I don’t have that kind of relationship with the characters, but I was kind of sad about it. It almost felt like a comment on their career in general. Did you like the last one more than this one?
JULIE: In ways, there was more fun and surprises in the first one as they revealed the characters. But it was also so long and political.
TRACI: Yeah this one was easier to follow. It felt more engaging.
JULIE: Would you see it in the theater?
TRACI:Absolutely. You?
JULIE: In the theater and in 3-D even!

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